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Welcome to the Lebanese Consulate General in Lagos

This website provides information about the Consular services offered by the Consulate general of Lebanon in Lagos. It also represents a practical way to promoting Lebanon (Lebanese culture & Tourism: http://destinationlebanon.gov.lb), including a range of links to connect you to sites which contain information about Lebanon and its institutions that can bring you closer to Lebanon and enable you to discover all its changing landscapes throughout its beautiful nature from beaches to mountains as well as the numerous outdoor activities you can choose from.

The Lebanese community in Nigeria is very diversified, vibrant, efficient and a source of pride to Lebanon. Thanks to this community, the Consulate General in Lagos tries to keep alive the traditions among the Lebanese abroad.

We try that this website can be helpful. Please, for further assistance or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs. Dima Haddad The Consul General of Lebanon in Lagos.

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